MORSI is the first Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle PR firm in Nigeria positioned to redefine the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industry through the creation and deployment of parity-breaking PR strategies. We are obsessed with STYLE and thus we are passionate about communicating this via all media pores. With our relentless passion comes an unmatched expertise in the world of Brand positioning and Fashion PR. With years of experience in Fashion Journalism, Fashion event creation and Brand Strategy evolution, we demonstrate the know-how and the contact list to take Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Brands to Brand Paradise.

We are young which only counts for our differentiating strength as our insight has been brought to bear on premium Brands like VENEVICI, LANRE DA SILVA AJAYI, SIXTH SENSE, TAE, ALIMA OYOFO, HAIR SOLUTIONS, HALLERO, BMPRO, HOUSE OF DORCAS, OUCH, ETC LINGERIE, ELLA HENRI, DELLA, ALTER EGO TEXTILES, ADU, HOUSE OF TARA, HIGH SOCIETY -DIVA, DERMALOGICA(S.A), BETH MODELLING , MAKEDA and many others.
Elegance Speaks! Style has a VOICE. Communicate your Style.
MORSI - The foremost Fashion & Lifestyle PR firm, with a knack for projecting Style BRANDS in the most conspicuous manner.