Popular Style Blogger, Olarslim Gets Duped By Nigerian Visa Agencies

Olarslim Talks About Her Own Real Life Acrimony Movie
Popular Instagram celebrity, Fashion Enthusiast and Style Blogger, Olarslim took to Instagram to talk about how much her life had changed in a year.

She wrote
Last year; Moved my life to another city for a man. Left my job, my business, my family to been literally the lady in the movie acrimony for someone who was constantly doing me wrong and made me feel Cos he wanted to marry me I had to stick to the script. I felt marriage was the ultimate to make me complete so I stuck with the bullshit.
Got a job in the same city, he couldn’t work 9-5 was his excuse so I had to take care of us­čÖäUnfortunately, my company had issues and didn’t pay us for six months. At This time, my engagement was already broken Cos I suddenly became realistic and unlike the acrimony Woman walked away. I lost the engagement/marriage, I lost my job, I couldn’t move back to my sister’s house Cos hell I was a shadow of my self so I decided to relocate with my last money (I mean every damn penny I had) I gave an agent, sold everything I had and was waiting for my visa but she said mosquito climb bridge and Mr Ibu got skinny so basically my money entered voice mail this was after issuing me a fake visa which I had to find out at the airport.
I had lost my engagement, job, rent was due, no money, fake visa ish etc. I had basically lost it all.
Then I called a meeting with God in my living room, I remember that day vividly as I type this, told him all I had to say and he shut me up with just a sentence “You will be alright”
It was so clear! Then I kept saying “I will be alright” with every inch of faith me and till date nothing or nobody can shake my faith again Cos I have seen how JESUS Christ turned my life around and gave me overdose of everything I thought I had supposedly lost, A fine husband material, more money, a nicer house, peace, reunited with my family etc. All Cos I surrendered my life to him and I believed in that one sentence he said to me. Don’t joke with Christ, only him can turn EVERY situation around for your good and oh well if u shop @olarsgrace Small of my grace will locate you too in Jesus name. Say Amen­čśČ­čśé