Meet Tyler Mitchell - The First Black Vogue Cover Photographer

 - Anna Wintour proposed and hired me for the Vogue shoot and Beyoncé quickly agreed”

- He is just 23 years old

- He is the first Black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover
  Tyler Mitchell behind the stunning cover photos have continued to top news headlines since shooting Beyonce for the cover of Vogue September Issue .
As much as this is totally not new for the star singer, it’s an all together new for the young photographer who admits that he has “cried 3 times” since the cover was released.

 Tyler revealed that Vogue America’s Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and Condé Nast creative director Raul Martinez hired him while Beyoncé approved. He shared this confirmation whilst sharing a BOF article link addressing the rumors, leaks of the Vogue edition.