Monday, July 9, 2018

Kylie Jenner Removes Iconic Lip Filler After Becoming A Baby Mama

Younger Sister of Kim Kardashian and recent mother of one, Kylie Jenner , known for her rapid growth into womanhood recently put up a picture on her social media page and it got a lot of her followers curios.
Her lips were looking normal, by normal, they were looking like her younger version. Someone in the comment section asked about the new look, she replied saying, she had removed her fillers.

Though Kylie at first denied filling her lips, but after a lot of pressure from fans and critics, Kim confirmed the news, that Kylie had some insecurities and had to work on them(lips).
Can we assume this move is a result of the new confidence she found in the motherhood?
Will her beauty line, Kylie be affected by this new change?
Or should we expect a new line?
Is this a temporary or a permanent change?

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