Kim Kardashian Sued On Her New Fragrance Line That Makes Her A Million Dollars Every Minute

Kim kardashian makes a million dollars a minute on new fragrance line by only announcing on social media, no press conferences and no TV commercials.
 The 37-year-old reality star made a whopping $5million in just five minutes when she released her new set of perfumes on Tuesday according to TMZ.
Though one of Kim Kardashian West's new perfumes, the ones that put $5 mil in her pocket in just 5 minutes uses a logo that belongs to a different company, at least according to a new lawsuit.

Vibes Media's beef is only with the Vibes line because according to the suit, its bottle is shaped just like the logo they have hanging in their office -- and the perfume bottle itself is shaped like the logo.

The Chicago-based marketing company says KKW doesn't have permission to use its trademarked logo. Vibes Media wants all of Kim's hot-selling perfume to be destroyed, and it wants damages.
One of  the most impressive part of it all is that Kim and company did not spend a single cent on advertising and instead opted to use the power of social media.