Kids can wear what they want to wear-Heidi Klum responds to Mommy Shamers

If you’re not caught up with the times, Heidi Klum, once a superfamous supermodel, is still a superfamous supermodel, but she’s added a fair share of other titles to her résumé in the last 10-plus years: cocreator, cohost, and executive producer of Project Runway (for which she’s won an Emmy); host and EP of Germany’s Next Topmodel; judge on America’s Got Talent; creative director of Heidi Klum Intimates and Heidi Klum Swim—not to mention mother of four (Leni, 14; Henry, 12; Johan, 11; Lou, 8). 

Supermodel and TV personality Heidi Klum was interviewed by  ELLE and she talked about her opinion on the ‘Mommy shaming’topic. The mother of 4 said that people needed to stop mommy shaming her for allowing her two daughters (14 year old Leni and 8 year old Lou) occasionally wear high heels in public.
She said, “People get upset, especially in Germany, if they see my daughters wearing high heels. Big deal!” she says, shrugging her shoulders. “If we go to a restaurant, they like to get dressed up. It’s fun for them. So what if they hobble on their little heels for 20 steps from the car to the restaurant? As long as they’re good kids and they get good grades, they can wear what they want to wear.”

source;  elle