Is Kim Kardashian Sharing Beauty Tips With Pineapple?

Reality Tv star and beauty, fashion entrepreneur, Kim put up a picture with a caption

“Google the Benefits of Pineapple juice”

Okay, with the picture she put up, we might say she wants to venture into the food and drinks business because she was holding a can of drink, but we know that might not be true but with her body in the picture too, we can say its one of her secrets, so we googled and here are a few things we saw.

  • ·        A good source of Manganese: Throughout history, pineapple was used as a cure for impotence. The tradition continues today.

  • ·        Cure For Chapped Lips: For those sexy, desirable and kissable lips you’ve always dreamt of, pineapple is the key! The exotic fruit possesses skin hydrating and nourishing properties that keeps your lips succulent.

  • ·        Makes You Taste Sweeter Below The Belt: Pineapple fruit helps improve the flavor in oral sex. Even though not scientifically proven

  • ·        Pineapple juice changes the taste of semen: Bodily fluids, like sweat, saliva, vaginal secretions, and seminal fluids, can be influenced by your diet and lifestyle habits.

Get you some pineapple and thank Kim later