I’m not a marriage material-Timaya Opens Up in New Interview

Everyone wants to be called husband or wife material, but not Timaya, who opened up in an interview with vibe.ng.

He talked more about fatherhood, his music, runtown, patoranking and and his future plans.

Excerpts from the interview

Vibe: Do we know the lady in your life?

Timaya:  Whichever lady you people see, take it, because you might not see her again or you may still see her again. That’s Timaya for you.

Vibe: Are you likely to be married anytime soon?

Timaya: No. I’m not a marriage material. I’m not ready for that.

Vibe: Any weird chance that you might get involved in politics someday?

Timaya: The only reason why I may want to do politics is to have a voice, to speak a couple of things and to make things right.

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