Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I try to show my waist more because I am busty-Waje, for The Cover Magazine’s July 2018 Issue

Waje is the cover girl for The Cover Magazine, in this edition she opens about her life, how her childhood shaped her, career, routine and answered questions on how females in the industry fare.

Read Excerpts from the interview below
What influences outfit choices in your music videos?
I would say how the concept of the video comes off and how I want to feel in the video. Every song has its interpretation and we try. I try as much as possible to bring the video to interpret what I was thinking when I wrote the song so I guess it is based on the message of the video and the mood of the video then I can say “okay this is how I should look”.
Are there fashion restrictions when you are a music star?
For me personally, definitely. There are certain things I won’t wear, not because I don’t like them but because I think they won’t work for me. So, I don’t wear leotards, because I am high-waisted, I try to show my waist more because I am busty. So there are definitely some restrictions, there are some things I won’t do just because of my body type. Being a performer, you also have to be very comfortable so that nothing is restricting you from giving your best. So, yeah.

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