5 Ways To Know Original Chanel Bag From The ‘Panda’ Fake

Due to the life on social media, we have come to the time when the line “fake it till you make it” is indeed real, and though some might never make it, trust they will still have to fake it, continue to, till they are tired.
A couple of celebrities have been called out for wearing or carrying a fake designer product, we don’t really have to mention names but you might definitely remember some.
Here is a good way to know a real chanel bag and a fake one

1.     SMELL AND FEEL: The real bag on the left is crafted from grained calfskin leather while the fake bag on the right looks too glossy and when holding it, it is incredibly stiff and does not feel like genuine leather. The fake bag also has an acrylic smell to it, which is a common sign of a replica bag.

1.     THE “MADE IN”: On the genuine Chanel bag the letters of the 'MADE IN' stamp are very crisp, and are perfectly spaced and specifically positioned on the leather tab. This is compared to the fake bag where the lettering is smudged in places and squashed together.

1.     AUNTHENTICY CARD: The serial number on the Authenticity Card should match that on the hologram sticker inside the bag. Chanel use a distinctive typeface for the serial numbers on their Authenticity Card, and on the card for the fake bag you can see how the typeface of the number is very different to the card for the real bag. The gold numbering on the fake authenticity card also gives off rainbow sheen, whereas a genuine Chanel authenticity card wouldn't do this.


1.     On the genuine Chanel bag, the engraving of CHANEL on the zipper pull is very crisp and evenly spaced, compared to on the fake bag where the engraving is very thick.

SOURCE: DailyMail