My Style Factory Returns this Summer with The Lifestyle Upgrader

MY STYLE FACTORY is a bi- monthly Lifestyle event with a one - on - one meeting with The Professionals in "The Profession", those who are breaking barriers, changing the narrative and creating new frontiers.
It will be a one-day training and therapy session cutting across Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle concerns. Concerns that over time have been left unspoken or dared to be mentioned.
MY STYLE FACTORY will have intense training and therapy sessions targeted at raising your A game and boosting your confidence drive like never before, by enabling you have a close interaction with the facilitators.
At My Style Factory, there will be hands-on DIY Sessions with Masters of the Trade. Touching on lifestyle topics which include hair care, skin care, sex, cooking e.t.c.
MY STYLE FACTORY is brought to you by MORSI PR.