The Ghana fashion and design week has come and gone , yet the memories linger on (no pun intend). From our own perspective, the organisers of the event had pretty good projections and we applaud that but the lack of team work seemed glaring  . With top brands like Vogue Italia and Blackberry, expectations were high yet hopes were dashed .

 So on a scale of 1-10 ? We would say ...Thumbs up to the organisers for taking this giant stride but embrace the fact that there is much room for improvement. Hence organisers have to take note of the following ten bullet points

1- Explore other platforms of publicity - From what we learnt, focus was on mainly online platforms . No billboards , on air announcements or even print ads. In summary , engage the services of  a Pr company.

2- Teamwork - No event can survive without teamwork .

3- Keeping to Time-What is it with African Time? #I rest my case here#

4- Get professionals on board - A more cohesive and professional team would have made the difference .The absence of Wardrobe stylist , Show producer , Proffesional DJ .......#.lets stop here# could not be ignored.

5- Glam up your Guest list - It was as if Ghollywood and top fashionistas boycotted the show.Get Ghanian seasoned famous entertainment and fashion industry enthusiasts to add their dose of Glam to the red carpet  or front row seats . 

6- Get indeginous brands involved - Most of Ghana's most loved brands were nowhere in sight but for a very few. Seemed more a foreign based event.

7- Fashion week ethics 101- Compere should be styled by an indeginous brand, Chairs should not be used to hold runway down, no crossing the runway while show is going on , proper lighting ...#check up the rest#.

8- The theme of the show should be adhered to .

9-A team of judges should screen collections to help eliminate mediocrity and establish standards amongst showcasing designers .  Because how can a designer start the show with what clearly looks like a swimwear and end it with a bridal gown ?

10 - All in all it was a fruitful experience and we all (including us ) have taken something away with us.

With all said, it was their first outing , corrections were made in Day 2 and we are sure come 2013 we would have a show that will most definitely get the world on t be one to look forward to .

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photo Credit - Kola Oshalusi for Insignia 


  1. I am nigerian living in Ghana, I think these guys did well, considering the majority of people including celebrities have not taken to fashion strongly compared to nigeria. I applaud them for their effort as it is their first show, as we point fingers looking for errors, Morsi please do not look far that our own nigerian fashion industry has its own problems, the recently held arise fashion week, the first day started 18 hours late what have we got to say about that. Fashion shows I hear in nyc, london, paris always starts late its nothing new. i dont understand why u need a theme, you cant force designers to make stuff they have no interest in???

  2. The Fashion industry(worldwide) thrives on themes(seasons, collections)- spring/summer, autumn/winter, pre-fall, resort. It is a fundamental of fashion, a no-brainer. Ghanaians should please accept constructive criticisms and learn to be better. Arise fashion week had technical issues which caused delays and tell me where in the world fashion shows start promptly. I hope Vogue Italia and other brands have realised its mistake and would come to Nigeria instead. Ghanaians, get your shit straight and stop trying to compete with Nigeria, you no fit.


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