PZ Cussons/Venus Nigeria partner with Bola Balogun’s Glam Report TV

Lagos, August, 2012 – In a bid to bring VENUS – its prestigious beauty brand closer to its numerous customers, PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc, has partnered with Glam Report TV - a 30 minutes, glamorous and fast paced television magazine show, to entertain, inspire and educate trendy Nigerians.
This partnership is based on the programme’s fit with the VENUS’ brand proposition and USP – “specially designed for the African woman”. The programme is split in 4 segments and VENUS will be sponsoring the ‘Glam U’ segment, one which provides cutting edge information and tips on skin care, grooming, style and fashion. It will in essence, encourage our consumers to have and live a better lifestyle.
Glam Report TV is created and produced by Bola Balogun, CEO Glam Networks Limited, and also Nigeria’s pioneer fashion stylist and foremost fashion consultant. The show will air on AIT and DSTV’s Africa Magic.
Only recently, VENUS signed on talented Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, as brand ambassador/spokesperson for its prestigious premium beauty care brand. Fans of the new premium Venus skincare range can look forward to seeing Omoni appear in a series of instructional videos ‘Venus Glam Time with Omoni where health and beauty tips will be shared as part of its efforts at promoting healthy lifestyles,.

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Can Women Be Religious and Sexy?
As soon as Meagan Good announced she was engaged to be married to a man of God, tongues started wagging about her style of dress. True to form, Good isn’t taking the slander sitting down. She recently spoke to JustTheFab about her controversial bachelorette burlesque dance and dressing provocatively as a woman who has a “personal relationship with God:”
I almost didn’t do it because I knew there would be backlash, but I can’t let people control my life, and if God does not convict me about something or tell me that it is wrong… Regardless of what anybody thinks, I have a personal relationship with God. We talk and we speak and I don’t feel convicted about it and so I have to do what’s in my heart and I can’t allow people to manipulate my direction. [...] I’m getting sexy and all that, but there is a way to do it, there is a classy way to do everything and there is nothing wrong with being sexy or having sex appeal and I think that I am definitely going to be someone who is boldly going to go out to the masses and be someone who says, ‘ Look! Women, it’s OK to do this, that, and the other,’ because I don’t like [how] sometimes people who are religious will try and force everyone into a box and judge them.

Good also spoke on criticism Tia Mowry faced when she showed cleavage on the cover of Vibe Vixen:
It really hurt my feelings when I saw some of the comments because Tia Mowry did the cover of Vibe Vixen and she had an itty bit of cleavage [showing] and they, like, ripped her to shreds, [saying] ‘We thought she was Christian…. She is a Christian, she loves God. So because she showed some cleavage she loves him less? I mean, to me, it was like it’s not right and you know God gave us these body parts not to go and show everything to everyone, but its OK to be sexy and to be comfortable with your sexuality, and I think there’s kind of a line that gets blurred, and I’m very bold about speaking out about it.
Her comments brought to mind the backlash Michelle Williams encountered when she considered making the transition from pop music to gospel. Most naysayers focused on her revealing clothing during her time in Destiny’s Child, not the lyrical content.

It’s no secret that traditional church folk have an issue with provocative clothing. As a woman who grew up in the church, I’ve seen the snickers and eye rolls directed at members of the congregation whose dresses are too tight or too short for comfort. People make assumptions about these women from their ethics to their walk with Christ based on their clothing alone. These women were judged and isolated from the church as if they had been caught sleeping with the pastor. The prevailing attitude was it’s OK to be sexy (to an extent) behind closed doors, but women who flaunt their sexuality in public couldn’t be ‘of God.’ you agree with her ? 


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Lorient Harbour Guest House is a premier luxury accommodation strategically located in a choice area in Victoria Island, Lagos State, the commercial hub of Nigerian business landscape. Its vantage position gives it the unique benefit of being able to offer its guests the twin advantage of serene and tranquil atmosphere in addition to close proximity to the busy Lagos metropolis and its other attractions.

The guesthouse is 5 minutes away from scenic natural beaches, shopping malls, myriad of world class restaurants, boat and marina clubs, the national museum, beautiful parks, and other attractive landmarks.

They have achieved in creating an environment of impeccable style and sheer luxury. Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, we have a special experience just for you. Our friendly staff is committed to making your stay outstanding and we are happy to accommodate any request. 

Their services are tailored to the preferences and specific demands of each customer. Lorient Harbour has luxuriously furnished well appointed rooms with world class facilities thus providing a relaxed environment. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Instant 100% Power back-up
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  • Well equipped gym
  • Reserved & Secured parking space
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  • Cable TV with satellite channels
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  • 24hour Concierge Services