Braid with a good quality synthetic fibre or human hair. 

- Visit your stylist at regular intervals to maintain your braids.

- Your Braids should be kept clean – use dry shampoo to cleanse or depending on the type of extensions you use, shampoo at least every week or about 2 weeks intervals.

- Avoid tight braids especially around the hairline.

- Do not leave hair for more than 3 months as it locks itself.

- Let your stylist take out your braids as it minimizes breakage and damage.

- Always brush out the tight knots and dirt in your hair after taking out your braids before the shampoo service.

- When shampooing /washing braids, do not apply shampoo straight to your hair. Dilute the shampoo with ¾ water and ¼ shampoo before application.

- Where possible, use shower to wash your braids

- Do not use creme conditioners after washing braids, use liquid leave –in conditioners.

- To dry, allow braids to dry naturally or sit under low heat dryer – for weaves, sit under hooded dryer and allow weave to dry completely or it creates mould and odours.

- Cover hair at night to avoid frizziness.

- To cover, use silk or satin scarf. They do not soak moisture.

- Apply braid sheen on your braid strands and scalp as often as required depending on your hair type and scalp condition. It helps to moisturise your hair and take away dryness.

- Do not put creams on your hair as they block your hair follicles and stop your hair from growing.

- For help with particular hairstyles, contact us for advice.


Courtesy - Aliz Hair salon