Thursday, July 26, 2012


Retrospective will be taking part in this year's Olympic games . Not as a Nigerian rep as it sounds  but rather with a massive sales session at their various outlets  from their  trove of treasures, with a host of Olympic-inspired sales!

In a nod to sport and style, throughout The 2012 Games, Retrospective will be dedicating a sale to some of our favourite Olympic events. Love Olympic weightlifting? Well love it even more with 50% off bags and purses! Gymnastics more your thing? Enjoy it, and enjoy 25% off all things shimmer and sequin, too! And there’s more – just check
Retrospective's Spectacular Summer Sports Sale 'Schedule of Events' for a full list of our generous offers. 

In support of our brothers and sisters competing at this year’s Olympics, we’ll be doing a special discount on jewellery. - For every gold medal achieved, we'll give you a piece of gold jewellery at 50 per cent off, for every silver medal won, we'll give you a piece of silver jewellery at 50 per cent off, and for every bronze medal? You guessed it - we'll give you an item of bronze jewellery at 50 per cent off, too. Here’s a good reason to keep your fingers crossed for your fellow Africans, as the more medals won, the more items you can apply the discount to-details of this will be announced soon!

So, if you want a vintage piece from eras past but not forgotten at a bargain price, follow The Games and be sure to follow Retrospective this summer, where sales are our major event. Oh and don’t worry if the Olympics isn’t on your agenda - we’ll be tweeting and posting you reminders about the sale so you don’t miss out! 

The Event What’s on Sale When Discount
Weight Lifting Bags, Purses & Cases 28th July till 7thAugust 50%
Judo, Taekwondo & Wrestling Belts, of course 28th July till 12thAugust 30%
Swimming & Boxing Bathing Suits, Hats, Gloves and Sunglasses - the sun-worshiper's version of goggles... 28th July till 12thAugust 50%
Gymnastics All things sequinned, shimmer & show-stopping 30th July till 12thAugust 25%
Fencing Shirts and silk scarves for dapper dresses 28th  July till 5th August 25%
Equestrian Shoes – horses wear them too! 28th July till 9thAugust 30%
Tennis Shorts & Skirts, naturally 28th July till 5thAugust 25%

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Lots of love, peace and blessings

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