Gwen Stefani’s Jaguar Print Pantsuit

Wild Wild , don't you think?

Who is Jiggling it ?

She has found fame thanks to her incredible curves so who is this popular reality tv star? 

Yup , you got it . Its no other than Coco - 
The blonde wife of Ice-T was in New Jersey earlier this month where she decided to enjoy a trip to the beach. The 33-year-old sported a racy pink leopard print monokini that left little to the imagination.She sure knows exactly how to dress them to garner attention.

What a relief to see she is not so all perfect as she flaunts quite a few cellulites . No Photoshop- Jiggle it!

Will you Rock Rhinestone lips?

This is the new ish making the rounds as JLo has kicked off the trend . 
She may have turned 43 but Jennifer Lopez is doing her best to show fans she still has the moves in her latest music video.
Opening the video in an electric pink cape, flanked by a pair of snow white wolves, JLo blows a gust of air from her rhinestone lips that transforms a dandelion into specks of glitter.