Friday, June 15, 2012

What has happened to Lil' Kim's face?

Lil Kim - Before
It's not unusual for stars to tweak their looks as they get older.
But judging from Lil' Kim's recent appearance she seems to have undergone a number of treatments recently.
The 37-year-old looked dramatically different as she stepped out to perform at LA pride last weekend.

Her cheeks appeared extremely puffy, suggesting she has had cheek implants, and the result made her face appear much rounder.

Curiously Kim's lips looked considerably smaller than they have in the past.

The 37-year-old rapper had squeeze her voluptuous shape into a tiny gold bodice which she covered with a short velvet jacket
While Kim's face appears changed her outrageous dress sense certainly hasn't and she took to the stage in a series of provocative ensembles.

For her first outfit, the Lady Marmalade rapper wore a tight-fitting sequined and beaded gold leotard.With a plunging neck and high-cut bottom half, the outfit made no secret of the 37-year-old's famous curvy thighs and behind.
She completed the outfit with towering high silver and black heels.
For her second costume, the feisty 37-year-old strutted her stuff in black micro shorts, a sparkly silver and black hoodie, shades and another pair of killer heels.

A rear-ly good show! The singer displays her curves in all their glory in the revealing all-in-one

Question is , Is she trying to be a Nicki Minaj wannabe ?

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