Saturday, June 9, 2012

Michelle Williams Designs Collection For African Clothing Brand Koshie O.

Michelle Williams has been carving out a unique career of her own since Destiny’s Child parted ways. After tackling gospel music and Broadway, the singer is ready for a new challenge in fashion by designing new pieces for Koshio O’s spring/summer 2013 collection.
The collaboration is part of the African brand’s “The Koshie O. Woman” campaign which is an initiative using female celebrities to celebrate strong, confident and bold women who are able to juggle various day-to day tasks while staying fashionable and stylish. Nina Baksmaty, founder and Creative director of Koshie O. says Michelle Williams was chosen because she brings authenticity and knowledge to the brand.
”It is such an honor to have Michelle Williams design pieces for Koshie O,” she said. She has been an inspiration of mine from her Destiny’s Child days up until now and I know the public is going to love what Koshie O. and Michelle Williams will come up with.”
Sample pieces will be available for buyers starting in July, but the general public will have to wait until next spring to purchase anything from this new line. The brand hasn’t let many details slip about the designs these two have come up with, but they did say that this will be the first collection of Koshie O. where customized prints will be used on the fabrics. Sounds promising!

Source: Coco

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