Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rihanna Dishes On Upcoming Male Fragrance

Rihanna not only wants a man to date,  she wants to make him smell good too.
The singer dished on her single status and her plans to launch a male fragrance and why a good smelling guy turns her on.
“I am a bachelorette,” RiRi told Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood when asked about the state of her love life.
Rihanna says she’s looking for “a guy that smells good.”
“If I see you and look good, chances are you won’t turn my head. I will look away… but if you smell good, I will whip my neck around! [A guy] can’t leave until I figure out what [he’s] wearing.”
“I am making my own male fragrance,” she revealed. “I want dudes to smell like [when] you wake up, you know that smell… their cologne is a little bit old… you spray it on their jackets and take it with you just to keep them there, that it smells cozy and it smells sexy.”

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