Tuesday, May 8, 2012


La Bendelle, is a modern day boutique that specializes in traditional attires, revolutionizing the use of the george wrapper and blouse- staple attire for women in the South East. Mrs. B.O Clarke, who set up the dream- come- true -boutique, said, she established La Bendelle as a one stop shop for fashionistas, who desire traditional wear with a modern twist. “A novel concept we must say.

La Bendelle has since become a one stop shop where one can conveniently purchase designer blouses, the latest raw silk George wrappers, beautiful bags, jewelery and accessories, all under one roof.” Indeed, from the collection on display, age is no barrier as there is something for every one, from sexy and elegant to demure and coy. Below, we bring a selection of La Bendells sexy blouses and George wrappers.  

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  1. Hello Moriam

    I am Ayodeji Jeremiah, the Editor of Timeless Magazine. I came across your company blog recently and was quite impressed by the articles/pictures.

    My magazine will like to have an interview with you (either face to face preferably or via email). Kindly please send your email address so I can send further details. We will also like to reproduce in our magazine your post on La Bendelle Boutique and will like your permission to do this.

    Hoping to receive your response soon. Thank you.