Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Building A Hair Regimen


Moisturize or Co-Wash
You must moisturize your hair every day. The best moisturizing products contain water and oil. The other option is to co-wash. If you are a fan of co-washing, you can wash your hair every other day. If co-washing effects your scalp in a negative way than partially moisturize your hair between washes.
Get a Satin Cap or Silk Scarf
Wrapping up your hair daily with a satin cap or a silk scarf helps to maintain hairstyles and help to maintain moisture. Without wrapping, your hair will become dry and will not lock in moisture.


Styling Tips
Most naturals like to keep their hairstyles in for a week. Then, they changed their hair into another style. To avoid frizz, you shouldn’t comb your hair after you have rinsed out your conditioner. To seal in moisture, you should apply products to wet hair before you enter the shower. Of course, protective hairstyles are always a good choice for newly naturals.
Scalp Massages with Coconut oil
You have to take care of your scalp and massaging it with coconut oil is a great way to do that. Coconut oil helps to protect your curls from dust and dirt.
Seal Ends Weekly
If you are trying to make your hair grow, it is always important to make sure you seal your ends on a weekly basis. This will help to eliminate breakage and split ends.
*Wash Often If You Exercise Often
If you like to work out three to four times a week, then you will need to shampoo mid-week. Remember to shampoo with conditioner.


Pick Wash Days
You should wash your hair at least once or twice a month. When you wash your hair too many times a month, it can eliminate the natural oil that is within your scalp. You should start each wash by rinsing your hair for three minutes. Then, you can comb the conditioner through your hair before rinsing it out. You can apply a leave-in conditioner or a curl styler within five minutes after your wash.
The key to having a good hair regimen is seeing excellent results. If you start to do something and you see your hair is breaking off or itching, then you may want to change up your natural hair routine. If you start to see your hair maintaining growth, then you have the perfect regimen.

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