Thursday, April 26, 2012

TW magazine presents - The Preachers's Wife

We’re really excited about the April editon of TW, themed, “Beyond Beauty”
 The Special Report pages profile four amazing women who have faced and overcome the conventional notions of beauty. They discuss how they have battled personal challenges but have come to embrace their imperfections and have emerged stronger, more resilient, and truly beautiful.
 Former beauty queen turned entrepreneur Ibidun Ighodalo graces the cover. She reveals never heard before details about her stint as a beauty queen, her happy marriage and how her faith helps her keep everything in balance. 

 Ade Bantu is the Celebrity of the Month. He talks about how music for him is more than just the fame, bling and the cars. He also gives us an insight into how he tries to give back through various community projects in areas like Ajegunle and Port Hartcourt. 

 And of course, the fashion pages are a real visual treat, inspired by the variable climates and landscapes of our breathtaking continent Africa.
 This month’s issue of TW is also filled to the brim with the usual interesting columns and is certainly a must read.

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