Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trend To Try: HeadPieces

After a while, it can be a pain trying to come up with new ways to switch up your hairstyles, but headpieces are a simple way to give your mane a new look without much work. With winter hats put away, the headpieces have come out, and depending on which style you choose, you can either use the head jewelry to dress up your look or dress it down.

There are three basic varieties of head pieces:

Gold chain

This is the most common type and basically features a three-way adornment through the center and outer perimeter of the head. This style looks good with anything from maxi dresses to jeans and a t-shirt because it’s as casual as a headband but more unique and attention-grabbing.



Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Nicole Richie  and Kim K are fans of the bedazzled type of headpiece which really has more of an impact on your overall wardrobe. The jewels in the piece add elegance and sophistication to your look, making it perfect for formal evening events.


The braided headpiece can be worn on top of the hair like the others. Either way, this style has a more natural appeal that’s cute and casual.There’s not a whole lot that goes into pulling off this trend. You can wear your hair down straight or with waves which creates a soft, feminine look. With your hair back in a low or high bun, the style becomes more dramatic with the headpiece as the focus. Basically, you can rock this accessory anyway you want.

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