Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Studio D'Maxsi by Afua Sam

Studio d’Maxsi is a design house owned by Ghanian, US based designer Afua Sam. It is celebrated for its innovative sophisticated and edgy women’s wear line for the modern woman. Studio d’Maxsi specializes in red carpet looks, party dresses, casual chic (men & women) wedding dresses, suits, (men & women) and accessories.
The new collection is daring, chic, artistic and sexy. Potential clients will be able to choose from a variety of dresses made from luxury fabrics for formal outings. As the brain behind the style and elegance of Studio D'Maxsi, Afua Sam says My message through my fashion brand is -every woman can dare to be bold and confident but still very chic and sexy. My pieces are made for all women, no matter the size, shape, or height…. Watch out for elegant silhouettes, vibrant colors and textures, masterpieces of art that is STUDIO D’MAXSI. Below are pieces from the new collection.

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