Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Forget the makeup and beauty aisles for just one minute! Have you opened your medicine cabinet or refrigerator recently??? There are many everyday household and grocery items that have been said to double as great skincare and cosmetic fixes. Here are a few unconventional products that get the job done!

Aspirin – Many people swear by aspirin masks as a means of achieving soft, supple, and even-toned skin. Aspirin contains Beta Hydroxy Acids, which are actually found in many luxury skincare products, and work to exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, and heal blemishes. Gradually, these BHA’s can improve skin clarity, tone, and texture. A few tips: Uncoated, dissolvable tablets must be used for the mask. Many people opt to add a bit of honey or essential oil to the mixture to soothe. The mask should only be used once or twice a week max – don’t overdo it. And of course – do not try this if you’re allergic to aspirin, silly!

Chafing Cream – Did you know that anti-chafing products such as  Chafing Relief Powder Gel and can actually double as foundation primer? Use a small amount all over your face, after moisturizer, to prep the skin for smooth, long-lasting foundation application.

Milk of Magnesia – If you struggle with extremely oily skin and nothing else seems to beat the shine, try Milk of Magnesia! This laxative liquid doubles as an extreme mattifier, and can either be mixed in with moisturizer, or applied with a cotton ball all over the face right before makeup application.
Tip: A few drops will go a long way with this product. If you use too much at once, the liquid can leave a dry, whitish residue on the skin. Also, be sure to use the original formula – veer away from any flavored or scented variations.

Lemon Juice – Do you want to erase the dark patch or skin discoloration on your elbow and knees? The secret recipe is good old lemon juice. Put the juice on a cotton ball, and rub it on your elbows and knees every day before you do your lotion.  Needless to say your knees and elbows will be shining sooner than you expect. The darkness would have faded significantly, and they will be much smoother.

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets – Struggling with unruly hair static? Simply rub a dryer sheet through your strands to tame the frizz or, if you’ve just returned from a long night at the club or bar – only to discover that your hair reeks of smoke (Egchk!) – throw a sheet in your pillowcase as you sleep to neutralize and absorb the unpleasant odor.

Toilet Seat Covers – This might sound a bit unsanitary, but some celebrity makeup artist have actually suggested so , including the owner of a major cosmetics company: Toilet seat covers [unused, of course!] double as awesome blot paper for oily skin! Granted, public restrooms tend to be a bit sketch in general. But, if you happen to find an extra clean one, it’ll absorb that shine pretty good.

Toothpaste & Neosporin – When dealing with unexpected breakouts, both of these medicine cabinet staples can double as quick and easy spot treatments. Use toothpaste overnight on untouched pimples to dry out the bacteria. If you couldn’t resist messing with the blemish, try Neosporin instead to aid in healing and prevent the formation of dark scars.

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