Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stella Damasus first cover girl of Urban Royale Magazine

Another Magazine has hit the news stands and this time with a fresh bias - Lifestyle in the South -South . Interesting .... and like we said before - Fresh....

Urban Royale Magazine (UR) is a trendy, eccentric, entertainment magazine that discusses current events, music, film, fashion, lifestyles, poetry, & art as it affects the south-south region of Nigeria exclusively. UR focuses its attention on promoting the diversified talents in the south-south. We promote people who are unique, up & coming, and passionate about what they have to offer.
Urban Royale demonstrates a strong commitment to individuals and readers in the south south regions of Nigeria. From entertainment to style, design to society, UR consistently provokes and steers popular dialogue as regards entertainment in its target area. With the intention of crafting a new attitude towards the quantity and quality of entertainment being rendered by Nigeria's south-south, the magazine is editorially tuned to this new sensibility.
Urban Royale is published bimonthly and sold in all parts of the country. Urban Royale is bound to establish itself as a mainstream magazine for people with affiliations in the south-south of Nigeria, no matter their current location. Through its newly relaunched website, facebook and twitter pages, Urban Royale will continue to build a global community.
Urban Royale Magazine was launched in January of 2012. The 5000 copies of the maiden edition was given out free. The quantity in print will continue to increase as we drive towards building and creating a global magazine, which everybody with South-South-Nigeria affiliation can call their own.


Urban Royale is filled with celebrity interviews; revealing stories behind their fame and never before revealed stories about them, the new things going on in their lives as well as their point of view on certain issues. It also has reviews of books, films, as well as ratings on the hottest spots around, including restaurants, clothing stores, clubs, jewellery stores etc. UR also serves as a promotional and marketing platform for upcoming acts and talents who has not gotten the chance to be on the big stage.

Urban Royale also showcases the talk-of-the-town events and happenings around the geopolitical region.


Urban Royale targets a discerning, Nigerian readership, who share an interest in the cultural, entertainment and social developments coming out of the South-South region of Nigeria. The magazine’s mix of fashion, music, film, arts and culture appeals to both young people and adults who demand to be the first to know about what’s hot and what’s important in the South-South region of Nigeria.

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