Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Prevent Knots And Split Ends

 We all have experience seeing little pieces of hair on our bedroom or bathroom floor, after spending a few hours de-tangling our hair. Many of us wonder if there is a way to stop the split ends and knots from hitting the floor. The days of splits and knots stealing our hard earned length are over.

Ladies, you can cut down on breakage with a few tips and tricks.

Preventing Knots

No Harsh Shampoos: Wash in Sections
Again, you want to make sure you use a gentle cleanser that will not cause damage to your hair. When you part your hair into sections before washing, it reduces tangling and the forming of knots.

Use Protective Styling
When you wear your hair out freely, you have the tendency to develop knots. Protective styles like twisting and braiding protect your ends from knots. If you want to wear your hair out, you want to choose stretched styles to avoid the formation of knots.

Stretch your End
Curled up ends can cause knotting.  If you are wearing twists, bantu knots, twist out, you want to make sure you stretch your ends at night. Also, you can set your ends on rollers to stretch your hair out.

Preventing Split Ends

Use the Right Comb
The best comb for natural hair is the wide toothed comb. You want to avoid using small tooth combs because they tend to cause more split ends due to the edges of the comb’s teeth snagging against the hair.

No Harsh Cleansers: Moisture and Conditioning Often
You want to find a shampoo that will not mess up the moisture balance of your hair strands. Harsh shampoos with sulfate leave the hair dry and cause breakage.
Of course, moisturizing is the key to keeping your hair supple and pliable. Depending on your hair’s texture and ability to seal moisture, you want to moisturize daily or every 3 to 4 days.

Minimal Manipulation of Hair
Protective styles can be your best friend when trying to avoid the creation of split ends. You want to keep your styling to a minimal in order for your ends to become stronger.

Wrap Your Hair Up at Night
Always keep your hair wrapped up with a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Sleeping without having anything on your head on a cotton pillowcase will leave your hair extremely dry and susceptible to breakage.

Treat Your Ends with Care
Your ends are actually the oldest part of your hair. Make sure you moisturize your ends and your scalp in order to stop breakage in its tracks.

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