Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The idea of wearing something sheer may either intrigue or scare the average fashionista. However, sheer tops are a romantic and feminine way to dress up any outfit as long as you put something underneath. 

These delicate, airy tops are comfortable to wear and easy to layer. Whether you decide to wear a sheer blouse or a sheer tank, you want to avoid having a “stripper moment” that is get caught baring it all in public.

Before you grab a sheer top without putting a bra underneath, we have a few ways to make your sheer tops fun and not trashy.

Put It Over a Top: You can add texture to a basic solid colored tank or camisole by layering it with a sheer top. Or, you can pair a simple sheer top with a pattern tank.

Pair with a Blazer: You can wear a buttoned blazer with a sheer top underneath.

Let Your Bra Be the Highlight: If you want to be bold and sexy without going too far, you can wear a bra underneath a sheer top. To up your style game, look for dark colored or embellished bras instead of matching it with an everyday bra.
See through tops are perfect for a night out on the town or a casual outing. Depending on the level of transparency, the sheer blouse trend can transition into work apparel as well. When sheer is executed correctly, it gives a sultry vibe to your overall look.

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  1. I am guilty of your last tip - I tend to wear dark colored and bold style bras whenever I put on sheer tops. I hate wearing inner garments, such as tube top maybe, so I just wear the sheer top as it is! It kinda works out :)

    Would you like to exchange follows, dear? Just let me know :)