Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stella Damascus Named Brand Ambasador for Multinational, "AmVictorious"

Star actress, Stella Damasus has been named as the brand ambassador for AMVictorious in Africa. AmVictorious is a fashion label based in Texas, Houston. The fashion label will team up with the star actress, to produce a high profile line of elegant dresses to be known as the SDA Collection.

AMvictorious creates unique, one-of-a kind American-made lifestyle products for brides, babies, plus lifestyle products for men, women, custom denim, custom crochet, fashion decor & homes. The fashion label’s objective is to turn it’s passion for unique products into a work of art to be worn with a feel-good- appeal.

AMVICTORIOUS seeks to play a prominent role in the economy by investing more in the African market especially Nigeria. The decision to Sign Stella Damasus was based on her God-Fearing, Positive and Woman of substance traits and her constant aim at uplifting and inspiring everyday people in different areas of everyday living

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