Saturday, March 3, 2012

Da viva meets Swarovski

AFRICAN fabrics- Da Viva are set to shine brilliantly as, the brand recently added Swarovski Elements to its collection. This innovation follows the contract it recently signed with Swarovski, an international brand.
To get designers started on this growing trend, the company organized a one day workshop for designers on Swarovski Elements in Lagos.

The well attended workshop was designed to highlight ways to blend the company’s cotton with Swarovski crystals which have been the embellishment of choice for leading designers globally since 1895. Designers who have used the crystals include Bulgari, D&G and Hugo Boss to name a few.

Da viva currently stocks the crystals, which are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours at its many stores across the city. The crystals can be placed onto clothing, and accessories such as bags, shoes, belts, jewelry and cushion covers through several methods such as heat transfer, hand settign or sieving.

Also news brief. Da Viva is out with a new fabric called Da Viva Damask, the fabric that has a new  feel with abundance of striking designs comes in arrays of beautiful color. Watch out for Expression by Da viva.

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  1. Like this one, I now want to buy a crystal jewelry, Swarovski liked, but I do not know that a good pick money, you help to the