Monday, March 19, 2012

Amede Moments @ AMFW 2012

Amede Nzeribe
Amede Nzeribe, the designer behind the "New" print rave - AMEDE received quite a lot of press attention as a myriads of journalists who couldn't get enough of her collection and were eager to know the secret behind her Shades of Tehila collection, which has continued to garner rave reviews. She was Interviewed by MNET's Studio 53 Extra, Flytime, City people, Teeoff and many more. Here are a few excerpts.

Media Moments

 .....with Eku Edewor of Studio 53 Extra

 Amede Nzeribe and Eku

.....with Publisher - FAB Magazine 

Amede Nzeribe being interviewed by TEEOT

....with Fashion Editor of City People

 .......with Flytime TV

...with more reporters

Amede Nzeribe getting Interviewed by the Flytime reporter after her show

Backstage Reports 

Though not as much fun when compared to the red carpet events , backstage was equally buzzing with activities at a higher frequency . Here are a few of the stolen moments .......

Amede, Stylists( DOT)  and model

Amede and  International model Millen

Amede and Ojy Okpe

Ekanem of Thisday Style styled in one of Amede's creations


L-R- Inyernational stylist- Jenin , Morsi (publicist) DOT(stylist) and Amede Nzeribe,

Family Friends and Fans

This story will not be complete if we omitted the 3F factor out . In addditon to the interviews she had her family, friends and fans present at the event to show their unflinching support. Here are more excerpts from the Glamorous occasion.

 Amede Flanked by ladies ALL styled in AMEDE

 Amede and Ekanem

Amede and Family and Friends

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