Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grey Goose hosts TOAST TO TASTE

Alex Kothoor

There were lots of ways to celebrate the good old season of love this year, but none compared to the private party organized by Grey Goose which had close friends wining, dining and getting entertained. This is the second of its kind by the organizers and this time, Grey Goose Ambassador Richard Irwin was there to mix love cocktails. As couples arrived, the ladies were each handed a white Rose while their partners were decorated with Grey goose pins. 

The event was hosted by Uti Nwachukwu and female Lebanese singer Lama Naimi, guests had a lovely evening as they played popular love games such as ‘how well do you know your partner’. They also played a special Grey Goose game, involving three guests Miss Nadya Froesch, Mr Chalfoun and Mr Awogbade in which each person was asked to mix and name a cocktail. The winner; Miss Froesch was presented with a magnum Swarovski crystal-embellished bottle of Grey Goose vodka by Mr Kothoor.  

Guests tickled their taste buds with a three course meal, which was followed by a dance performance that wowed everyone. They then proceeded downstairs for dessert where they experimented with the best tasting vodka in the world; mixing their own cocktails. It was certainly the perfect way to spend the night of love.

Marcio Ferreira & Richard Irwin

Uti, Catherina, Alex and Marcio
Bryan & Alex Okubo

Olusoji & Adebisi Awogbade

Lama Naimi and a guest 

Uti Nwachukwu

Natalie and Philip

Collette Otusheso

Robin & Joyce Cheung

Franchesca & Catherina

Sharon Ojong

Maria Martinez

Richard Irwin

Competition starts

Mixers in the making

Contestants Presenting their cocktails

Lama Naimi

...And Nadya-Ruth Froesch wins

Nadya-Ruth Froesch receiving the crystal studded bottle

Yvonne Ekwere

Mr & Mrs Chalfoun

Marcio, Adebisi,Olusoji,Alex, Catherina 
Nadya-Ruth Froesch

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