Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 Beauty Habits You Must DROP this season

Many people believe that this is just about the time when we abandon our old habits this season of Love . At this time, we are supposed to feel totally refreshed and renewed.

That said, here are ten beauty routines to let go of…forever.

1- Sleeping in your makeup

When you are not Kim Kardashian and yeah yeah we understand you are tired. But is the 3.5 minutes of extra sleep really worth waking up looking crazy? Plus, your skin will not only look dull, but the slept-in makeup can also clog your pores (um, blemishes anyone?)

 2-Chipped nail polish
Ah, there’s nothing like a fresh manicure; base coat, top coat, and the perfect color. The only problem happens when that beloved hue wanders away from your digits. When that happens, send an acetone-soaked cotton ball on a kamikaze mission pronto

3-DIY bangs
We’ve all gone through stressful times when we feel less than zero. Why is it at those times when there’s no salon in sight, that we decide to cut bangs or give ourselves a trim? C’mon, it’s not just me…is it?

4-Self-plucked brows


Let’s say you’re watching the Grammy’s or something and you see a gorge starlet on the red carpet with the sickest brows ever. Odds are her dream team consists of a “brow beautician”. Leave the tweezing to the professionals. I speak from experience.

5-Dirty brushes


We’ve all read magazines that remind us that dirty cosmetic brushes lead to a whole lot of bacteria issues (read: zits or a rash). Do yourself a favor and clean your makeup brushes every couple of weeks.

6-Unwrapped P.M. tresses


This kinda’ goes hand-in-hand with the sleeping-in-makeup thing. No matter if your hair is relaxed or natural, you need to protect your hair before hitting the hay. So whether that means slipping on a bonnet, scarf or a satin pillowcase, wrap it up.

7-Beauty product grave yard


Being a beauty writer, I have tons of products hanging around; so trust me, I get it. We hold on to products with the thought, “I might need this one day”. As days (and months) go by, we don’t touch them. Release those expired products into the universe (i.e. the trash can). If they are still good, give them out as little gifts.

8-The love below


 If you wait too long to get your private parts waxed, you will be in a world of trouble (and indescribable pain). Try to stick to a schedule so you can get in and out smoothly.

9-Relaxing hair too often


Stretching relaxers is so this season. In fact, I remember hearing my stylist say no one’s hair needs to be relaxed every four weeks. Challenge yourself to stretch your relaxer by one week (and don’t overdose on the flat iron in the meantime). After all, baby steps can help save your “baby hair”.

10-New season, same products


Just as you pack away last season’s clothes, the previous season’s products also need a hiatus. For instance, just as your summer cleanser is too intense for winter, your winter moisturizer is probably too rich for summertime heat.

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