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 Yoanna Okwesa, also known as Pepper is a freelance Stylist and currently the Fashion Editor of FAB Magazine. Pepper has a BA Hons degree in Culture, Society and Communications from the University of Birmingham and works as creative director for runway shows, fashion editorials and commercial projects. Pepper also has a clothing label Purple Pepper Clothing borne from her love of art, her heritage and photography.When she is not art directing a photo shoot or fashion show she is alongside her sisters
travelling and collecting vintage and retro accessories and clothing for their boutique -Retrospective in Lagos.

                                       NOW FOR WHY WE LOVE .......

Pepper is not afraid of skidding on the color wheel . Exploring all the unusual shades and odds in between. Whether in accessories or for a simple choice of wear, Pepper flaunts every shade as if it were hers , buffed with a confident smile .

The Fashion Editor of FAB Magazine. As put by a close friend Pepper is ‘a London girl with Lagos pumping in her veins and Cuba in her heart.’ Pepper has a deep passion for creating visual phenomena, to see hers and others concepts conceived in the mind, come alive through the art of storytelling using photography and garments, contributing her two penny and naira to the global union of fashion, art and style.

With a model @ a photo shoot

Pepper has since, been exposed to the world and work of fashion by holding various roles at Pride Magazine, The Mayor of London’s Kulture2Couture fashion exhibition and at The Communications Store working at London Fashion Weeks. Working alongside award winning Fashion Photographers Suby&Sinem and other sought after photographers Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Moussa Moussa and Asiko she has styled for Arise, BHF, Canoe, FAB, Pride, New African Woman and True Love Magazines. Her portfolio also includes styling celebrities Shingai from the Noisettes, M3nsa & Wanlov The Kubolor, Bez Idakula, Eldee, Keffe and Duncan Daniels and creative directing for designers such as Nkwo
and Zebra.

With Emmy Collins(Fashion designer )

At a press conference


For some of us , she came to our consciousness with her unique style of All Black Everything . Its no little black dress for this fashion lover , rather she would pitch her tent in other clothing apparel departments even in make up.


.....And here comes the mother of Why We Love .....That Hair . Pepper pays enough to her coif LONG enough for everyone (including myself) to pay attention to it . No matter how simple it seems to look, Pepper has a way of twisting things up , sideways or down - its never the same . I wonder how long she sits to have them braids done ? I'm sure Patra or Ara can take a cue for braid redefinition .

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