Tuesday, January 3, 2012

YEMISII unveils 2012 collection

YEMISII is an International Nigerian brand with a global perspective, The pioneering Accessories design brand was established ten years ago with an aim to meet the needs of young professional women (around the globe), who have a pulse on style and want unique expressions through their fashion accessories. Highlighting the beauty of handmade wearable art, the uniqueness of YEMISII pieces transcends the limitations of fashion trends and sets the wearer apart every single time.

YEMISII has maintained a tradition of designing classic innovative pieces with a timeless quality that not only re-defines the norm but also are consistently ahead of time in style while adequately capturing the essence of femininity.

The undeniable creative genius behind the YEMISII brand has been noted by the wide acceptance and recognition the products have received in various fashion shows and exhibitions in Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, England and America, alongside other recognizable industry brands and talent
Firmly positioned as a fine connection between Fashion and art, YEMISII has a strong desire to celebrate a beautiful African heritage to utmost levels of sophistication and elegance

The new YEMISII collection titled THE HARMONY OF CONTRASTS pushes the boundaries of imagination while remaining elegant and highly sophisticated. It premiers on the 4th of December 2011, at The Victoria Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. From 1-7 pm

THE HARMONY OF CONTRASTS is an exploration of the fusion of opposites in creating a concept of balance. The idea celebrates that point where opposing realities merge completely, resulting in a unique and beautiful piece of unexpected innovation.
Comprising handmade leather handbags and jewelry, the pieces are made out of exotic high quality natural vegetable tanned leathers with rich deeply embossed textures and patterns (which make the leathers look more exotic as it ages, We also have pieces made from) buttery soft Calf-skins and sheep suede, as well as high grade semi precious Gem stones, precious metals and swarovski crystals. Each specially selected for their uniqueness. Every YEMISII piece is handmade to utmost levels of craftsmanship.

Though delectable in beauty and function, the accessories in this collection are created as a medium of expression reminding us to look a little deeper, and push a little harder at the things we seek to change and the dreams that lay within our hearts.
“I believe faith resides in each human heart,” says Yemisi Makinde, the brain behind the YEMISII brand. It is one of the most powerful gifts of humanity. The secret ingredient if you like, who helps us find beauty within our opposing realities. Assuring us that what we desire actually does exist and can one day be ours. My hope with this collection is that we never give up striving towards the change we need and reaching for the life we seek


·        - Women in the creative Arts exhibition. Lagos, Nigeria (2002)
·      -   Salon Exhibitions. Quintessence. Lagos, Nigeria (2003-2005)
·        - Winner of the St. Moritz style award as the best accessories designer in her home country Nigeria in 2004
·        - ST. MORITZ Style selection in Lagos (2005),
·         -THIS DAY style weekend (2006),
·         -DESIGN INDABA, Cape Town south Africa (2006 & 2007)
·         -NEW AFRICA design exhibition, launched in Denmark and touring other European countries (2007)
·       Windows to my soul Collection. Lagos, Nigeria (2008)


Designer - Oluyemisi Makinde

Short course. London College of fashion 2009.

· L’AVENIR (the future) collection, Lagos, Abuja & London (2011)

· Short course. IFAC, Irvine California (2011)

· Yemisi has successfully mentored and trained a respectable number of less privileged young adults, personally teaching them her self-taught skills in a hands-on manner. Thus empowering them to become financially independent adults.

· Yemisi’s work has been featured in fashion shows and exhibitions in Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, England and America.

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