Monday, January 23, 2012


“Mmmmmmmmmmm…Yum!” Can you smell that lingering scent?? That is the smell of that gorgeous 6’2 male who just casually glided by your table and had you stop talking mid sentence. The interesting fact is that you already spotted him about 30 minutes earlier when him and a group of his friends walked into the spot. His initial looks didn’t immediately “woo” you but when you sniffed out a hint of his cologne he magically became your Idris Elba for about 3-5 minutes. Now, If his steez is up to par when he tries to talk to you, he may even have a chance to get your number. Oh the power of smelling delicious! Even though men are a bit more visual and holds more weight to how a young lady looks, it still does not mean the sensation of wanting someone who smells addicting is ignored. So yes ladies just like when that cologne hits us same thing for men and their daydream of their perfect woman. 
Check out these 3 ways to use power of your fragrance… – For some reason we always tend to run into the person who decided the top of their fragrance bottle was taking to slow to come out and just decided to pour the entire amount on themselves. But the worst part is that they felt like it was a good idea that even people three blocks down can smell them. Ok, so you get my point. More is not always better. Just because the fragrance smells great you kill all purpose of attracting people when you bathe in it. You must know when to stop spraying. Perfume does not have the same effect as it used to when we were pre-teens. You all know what we did, take the body splash spray a big misty circle in front of us and jump in and turn around in it until we felt as if it covered every inch of us.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong scent? — Don't get people thinking that  you just rolled out of bed and instead of reaching for the soap you went straight for the bottle of perfume! Now it’s not a terrible scent but just that some scents are just a little too strong for certain times of the day. Like everything else, there is a certain time and place for certain perfumes and colognes too. Choose wisely. 
Not a Cover Up — I understand we are all adults but I still believe that some people still have not grasp this concept. Fragrance is not a quick step to bathing. As much as I want to say it’s only men who practice this ritual I know some women who have partaken in this activity as well.

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