Monday, January 9, 2012

Its BLUE IVY for Jay Z and Beyonce

First heard on  E Onlineas they reported the arrival of  baby “Ivy Blue Carter,” and almost immediately the name became a trending topic and a fake Twitter account was made, now boasting thousands of followers.
Here’s what the real name, Blue Ivy, is rumored to represent. “Blue,” is Jay-Z’s favorite color and a possible homage to his iconic Blueprint albums. Ivy contains the first two letters, IV, which is the roman numeral for 4, the title of Beyonce’s last album, a slew of birthdays: Beyonce (September 4th), Jay-Z (December 4th) and grandmother Tina Knowles (January 4th) and the day of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding (April 4, 2008). Both Jay-Z and Beyonce have IV tattooed on their fingers. Swoon.
SO. SWEET. Join us in wishing the couple a huge congratulations on their new bundle of joy!
You should know I bleed blue…
Strong enough to bear the children and get back to business…
Tryna make us 3, from that 2, still the 1.

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