Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Designer Vera Wang Looks Stuning in Swimsuit at 62

 Vera Wang defies age in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Vera Wang is a famous fashion designer, best known for her dazzling (and often outrageously expensive) bridal gowns. Turns out the fashion mogul is actually 62 years old, but you'd never believe it from the recent photo shoot she did with Harper's Bazaar where Wang shows off her sleek and swanky new Beverly Hills home as well as her slim figure in a strapless swimsuit.

Wang, in her usual, more covered-up style. Douglas Freidman/Harper’s Bazaar

Wang poses in front of her sleek new L.A. home. Douglas Freidman/Harper’s Bazaar

The designer in her new kitchen. Douglas Freidman/Harper’s Bazaar

What fashionista's home would be complete without a gigantic closet? Douglas Freidman/Harper’s Bazaar

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