Recently , 17 Editors of Vogue magazine worldwide including the queen herself - Anna Wintour all met in Japan for Tokyo's Fashion Night Out,
When it comes to fashion Vogue Magazine is undeniably the holy bible, with millions of women across the globe turning to the magazine everyday for guidance on how to live their fashion lives. That’s why when all 17 Vogue Magazine editors from across the globe, including the queen herself Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, converged on Japan this week for Tokyo’ Fashion’s Night Out, they took advantage of the rare meeting and captured the moment on film.
From left to right in no particular order of fabness:

Yolanda Sacristan, Spain; Kirstie Clements Australia; Anaita Adajania – India; Christiane Arp, Germany; Angelica Cheung, China; Franca Sozzani, Italy; Mitsuko Watanabe – Japan; Anna Wintour, America; Emmanuelle Alt – France; Alexandra Shulman – Britain; Victoria Davydova, Russia; Anna Harvey, representing Brazil and Greece; Seda Domanic – Turkey; Myung Hee Lee – Korea; Rosalie Huang -Taiwan; Eva Hughes, Mexico and Latin America; and Paula Mateus – Portugal.