Thursday, August 11, 2011


Pepper Okwesa of retrospective &  and Tayo Shonekan

Those vying for vintage and routing for retro-wear in Nigeria are in for a treat, as Retrospective brings its first boutique to Lagos. Taking pride of place as the first vintage in store shopping experience in Nigeria, the boutique located in the centre of Lagos Surulere home to the National Stadium and Nollywood - houses one of a kind, retro and vintage accessories and clothing for men and women, giving all who step through its doors a unique walk down memory lane.

Quaint vintage lights surround the welcoming gold and white themed décor of the boutique, characteristically charmed with retro memorabilia. Across the shop floor merchandise are displayed openly for visitors to raid through time enjoying their hunt through the treasure trove of unique vintage finds – almost like raiding your grandma’s wardrobe but with a little more glamour, variety and edge.
From home and market trading in London’s famous Portobello and Shoreditch markets, Retrospective was introduced to Nigeria in the summer of 2010 through the monthly fashion market Le Petit Marche, quickly garnering the praise of many a dedicated customer.

Owner Yoanna ‘Pepper’ Okwesa and her sisters –travel scoring antique and flea markets and estate sales for rare finds– bringing their large collection of jewellery, clothes and accessories to satisfy a range of tastes and sizes. Waiting to be discovered amid the treasure trove are silvers, Celtic trinkets, brooches, cameos, Art Deco pieces, gemstone jewels, silk scarves, handmade tooled leather and skin bags, clutches, purses, belts, braces, ties and sunglasses, including designer-signed pieces.

Yoanna ‘pepper’ Okwesa expresses: “Retrospective aims to offer Lagosians a space to romance with retro and vintage on a cultural, historic and fashionable level. We are so excited to share our love for vintage and timeless dressing at affordable value-conscious prices.”
If your love of fashion finds you longing for one-of-a-kind garments made anywhere between the Victorian era to the nineties, Retrospective is the first and only place to look in Lagos – you’ll leave loaded with bags of beautiful bargains and a vow to soon return.

Sharon Ojong

Tayo Shonekan of Aimas

L-R -Terrence Sambo, Bubu Osigi and Vanessa

Terrence Sambo

Ugo Onukwubiri


Uju Offiah

Uju Offiah

Vicky Heldan, Micheal Akindele and Pepper Okwesa

R-Pepper Okwesa and Wadami

Bisola and Vanessa


Bola Obileye - Seriously Doughnuts

Frank Nsoedo Checking out the merchandise

Andy Ogbechi and Ada Osigwe

Happy Shopper

Jay CapoCapa

Lekan Alabisima

Bubu Osigi and a friend

Micheal Akindele

Babatunde Familusi of FAB and Wife

Pepper and Andy

Pepper Okwesa and Terrence Sambo

Chituru Chikezie

Crystal Derouche


  1. The world stat with VINTAGE TREASURE and thank God is being Classified with Treasure Again!

  2. Lovely!!! I'm so eager to visit.