Sunday, June 5, 2011


Asides keeping your hair and scalp clean, it is also important to keep your hair tools clean. Hair tools, such as combs and brushes, collect oil, dirt and dead skin cells, and should be cleansed often. Scarves, caps and satin pillow cases should also be kept clean.

Freshly washed hair should always be styled with clean hair tools, followed by the use of a freshly cleaned scarf, cap or pillow case. Hair accessories such as elastic bands, hair clips, barrettes and headbands should also be kept free from oil and dirt.
Oils, dirt, and dead skin cells left on hair styling tools and accessories are deposited right back into your hair and scalp, which pretty much defeats the purpose of washing. Using dirty hair tools can cause your clean hair to look dull and dirty. You can keep them clean by using shampoo or even conditioner.

-First, pick all of the shed hair out of the comb or brush.

-Next, wet your comb or brush with warm water, then grab that old bottle of shampoo or conditioner that didn’t work so well on your hair, and pour a little onto your comb or brush. You can use the comb to gently scrub the bristles of the brush, or even scrub two brushes together to get them clean.

-You can also soak your comb or brush in a sink filled with hot sudsy water for about 10 to 15 minutes, or even overnight to loosen oil and dirt before scrubbing. After washing and rinsing, place your tools on a towel to dry (place the brush with the bristles down). Hair clips, barrettes, and plastic headbands can also be added to the sudsy water and rinsed and set aside to dry.

-Scarves, satin caps, pillow cases, elastic bands, and headbands made of material can be put in the laundry, or washed by hand in the sink also using shampoo or conditioner. Not only does cleaning these items prevent dirt and oil from depositing right back into your hair, it also keeps the dirt and oil off your face which can cause breakouts.

Just as you have a routine when it comes to cleaning your scalp and hair, you should make cleaning your hair tools, especially those that you use most often, a part of your hair care regimen.

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