Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NEWS :Kanye West To Debut A Spring 2012 Fashion Collection

 Kanye West is rumored to be working on a fashion collection to debut for the Spring 2012 season. He is presently said to be in Paris working on it at the moment. We gathered that he is putting his time as an intern at Fendi to good use as well as the knowledge he hopefully acquired from his shoe collection with Louis Vuitton.

As Spring 2012 shows starst in September,  Kanye would be debuting his collection for both men and women then. Whether or not he will stage a high-fashion runway show or a more streamlined presentation is still unknown.Speculations are that he might go the route of Tom Ford and keep his collection strictly for the eyes of editors and fashion buyers, but as we all know,  Kanye is one for drama and will most likely want to make the collection visible to his fans worldwide.

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