Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing False Lashes

False eyelashes are an easy way to accentuate your features and add some drama to your look. Whether going out to an event or rocking them for a pretty everyday look, false lashes can make your eyes pop beautifully if worn the right way. Several mistakes from obvious false lashes to incorrect application can make a potentially stunning look go terribly wrong. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when rocking false eyelashes.

-Choosing lashes that look unnatural

Unless you’re hitting the stage for a sold-out concert like Beyonce or rocking a Halloween costume, chances are you don’t need the longest, fullest set of fake eyelashes. Choose lashes that will add excitement to your eyes with a natural look.

-Applying lashes the wrong way.

Most mistakes with false eyelashes happen in the application. Be sure to follow these steps to avoid them.
1. Take the lashes out and do a test run of how you want lashes to lie on upper lid close to your own. Make sure you trace from inner to outer lid for placement.
2. After test run, make sure they completely fit, may need to cut based on eye shape.
3. Apply eyeliner on upper lid where lashes will lay upon.
4. Take the adhesive and gently squeeze small amount to run over the baseline of the lashes.
5. Blow on lashes for about 30 seconds.
6. Apply lashes on upper lid as close as possible.

-Falling lashes.

What’s more embarrassing than false lashes gradually slipping off of the eye? Be sure to blow on lashes after applying the glue so that they stay put.

-Choosing the wrong color eyelash glue.

Many women make the mistake of using eyelash glue that doesn’t blend with their lashes. Be sure to choose the right color for your lashes. If you have brown lashes, don’t use black glue. Also, white glue is great to blend with a variety of shades.

-Applying a lot of mascara over the lashes.
Clumpy, super-thick lashes practically scream fake. Since false lashes are typically full, be sure to go easy on the mascara afterwards.

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