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 With bright solids making up much of the season’s clothing trends, there’s never been a better time to experiment with accessories – everything from oversized jewelry to embellished shoes looks great against a background of solid color, but obviously, our favorite choice for an off-kilter spring accessory is a complimentary handmade bag that speaks volumes of your style and keep you on top of your trend setting list .
This season, Diva Delicious has got the exact trend to launch your confidence to a sky high mode. Their  range of shapes and colors come in chic "Handy" designs , and is guaranteed to keep heads looking your way. We call it the" little bag dress" of  purse culture.  Need we say more? See for yourself.

Diva Delicious is a fashion brand that currently deals with accessories with raw materials made in Ghana and a touch of glam. Diva because everything in the Accessories line is top quality and loud (in a good way) and Delicious, because it's craving, eye candy, colorful and artistic.

Design &  Style

 Their purses reflect a great combination of design, dimensions and color along with street-smart trendiness. The various designs of purses are inspired from the combination of art, fashion and the confluence of modern and traditional cultures. Embroidery, bead work, sequin work, mirror work etc. are used to add beauty to these purses. DD purses are crafted with elegant pattern in incredible, rich colors.

These versatile style fashion clutches are featured in richly dyed straw, raffia, bamboo or African fabric and gets added dimension from cross pattern intricate detailing. Extraordinary purse keeps your daily essentials organized. It has magnetic closures for lightning fast access to your necessities, and embellishments add a little elegance.

This delightfully woven straw purse is so sophisticated yet it is simply paired with your everyday ensembles for all seasons. Nevertheless organization and style is easy to achieve with this well-structured clutch bag.


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About The Designer

Sandi Owusu is a 25 year old nurse and model. You can find her in prints, videos and on various catwalks.
Being the fashion addict that she is could not really find anything that suited her exquisite style entirely so she did what not many before her and even fewer after her would do: she decided to design and make her own accessories.
In 2008, she started turning her ideas from creative fodder into physical masterpieces for herself, family and then her friends.
The proverbial eureka moment lit up in her mind and she thought, ‘I can actually make money out of this”. Diva Delicious was born and started with accessories, starting modestly with bags and hats.

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  1. Wow these bags are so beautiful. Will she be showcasing at Beauty and the Feast?