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Acne's Fall 2011 RTW Collection was true to it's androgynous approach with chunky, yet functional shapes. Every year there is something new and different in the approach to fashion. Do I mix this red purse with those red heels to finish this look? Or, would it be better if I wore this striped skirt with that floral top? We have gone from matchy matchy to mix and match, to don't even match, just mix, then all the way back around, and tweaked somewhere in the middle. Confusing? I suppose that is the beauty of fashion. It's not meant to be taken so seriously. It's a grand way to express ourselves and should always be fun!

Monochromatic looks have taken to the runway, and Acne did a fantastic job in creating such looks that are still wearable by switching up textures and throwing on non-matchy shoes. What really striked my fancy is, although Acne's color palette this season was so different from other colors I have seen on other runways, full of dusty pinks, mustards, burgundies and lime olives, there are Tebazile Pieces in very similar, if not the same color as nearly all the pieces in his collection!

Here, Tebazile paired Acne's looks with the Tebazile Pieces that mirror in hue.

Colors are such a definite way to express feeling and when textures and silhouettes are included... well, I'll leave that part for you to answer.

This COBALT BLUE is electrifying. Acne did wonders by topping this entire ensemble off with silver strappy shoes with a wooden platform.  Tebazile's Teardrop Cobalt Blue Stitch Earrings are an unbelievable mate to this look.   They definitely add even more funk to this fun look!

  It's such a BEAUTIFUL hue.  The two different shades of dusty pink in this ensemble is so girly even in androgynous silhouettes.  The PERFECT ring that blends in, but stands out is this Tebazile Dusty Pink Stone ring.  This ring is GORGEOUS, and immediately when I saw this ensemble, this ring came to mind.  LOVE!

 The loose black sweater is a PERFECT match for Tebazile's Sanddollar Bib Necklace.  It's simple silhouette and color is a perfect canvas for the intricacy of the necklace.  The gold, copper, silver and oxidized metal is a mirror of the color block pants -- the contrast of the circles and squares magnifies the difference in textures and patterns.

Who doesn't love a good deep tan mustard?  Even describing the color is complex! This look all together is very very lovely.  The billowy turtleneck, paired with the leather jacket inspired skirt, and brown oxfords, Uh-Mazing!  Now let's add some funk by adding Tebazile's Swirl Circle Earrings with pearls that match up PERFECTLY.  These really throw in the swirl to the look.

With the vibrant olive hue Acne's dare to be different, here approach is very similar to Tebazile's arrangment of colors in the Chunky Necklace below.  The colors on the necklace and the hue of the jacket is a great way to achieve BOLD and DIFFERENT.

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Culled from Tebazile Jewelry

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