Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Simply put - The "IT GIRL" collection - The collection is a combination of the effortlessly slick of 70s' and the feminine chic of the 50s' with a modern twist. The use of color plays a major role in each of their pieces which can be described as an eclectic range of simple but quirky details made with a mix of colored Print fabrics, Raw Silk, Linen, Chantilly & Guipure Lace, Damask, Jacquards, Taffeta, Organdy, Silk Chiffon and Organza. The colors are vibrant , bold with a dash of nude tones. Functionality, is the designer's watch word, as the designer merges the old staples with the modern . The pencil cut still oozes the classic aura while the volume designs tend towards the long party trend head turner . The brand personifies sophistication, class and timeless elegance.

A Pearl 11 30 woman is a stylishly simple young at heart with prestige and value, who has a stand in her community and can be referred to as that lady with classy & clean cut outfits

Drapes, flare bottom jumpsuits, palazzo pants, color block shift dresses, Kimonos, ruched dresses, lacey jackets & dresses make up the chic wardrobe of the IT GIRL .

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