Saturday, April 23, 2011


 Over accessorizing
Jewellery can lift a work outfit, but too many clanging bangles, necklaces or rings look unprofessional. One or two pieces of subtle jewelry and an awesome belt are fine. The same rules apply to men, who are better off with no jewelry except for an understated (but superbly made) watch and a wedding band or class ring. The same applies to over-zealous body piercing. Accessories are best kept simple and minimal for the office, so stick to your favourites.

Visible underwear
Visible panty lines (VPL) and exposed bra straps top the work wardrobe blunder list for women. Avoid rising g-strings by wearing higher waisted trousers and skirts, or invest in hipster briefs that won’t ride up above your pants. Play it safe and buy yourself a seam-free strapless bra in both nude and black.

Plunging necklines
“If you’ve got it, flaunt it” doesn’t apply to the office so keep deep necklines and strapless tops and dresses for the weekend. Instead consider collared or tie blouses, shallow V-necks and round collars.The more skin you show the less authoritative you become.
By showing off your body in the workplace, you give away your “visual authority.”  The cleavage becomes distracting from any point you want to make.  To be respected in the business world, dress professionally and save the high hemlines and low necklines for after-hours.
By the way, natural cleavage doesn’t really look like this.  This look screams “phony!”  Is that really what you want to say about yourself?

Sloppy dressing
We  all gain and lose weight — that’s just part of being human. Outfits that fit you two years ago may hang loose or squeeze the wrong places, but part of looking professional means not dressing like you stole your clothes from someone three sizes smaller than you are, or that you’re still wearing hand-me-downs from a gigantic older brother.
A proper fit is important both for comfort and style, and any good tailor can make the necessary alterations cheaply and quickly. With a few nips and tucks, older clothes can look like they were made for you, making you look like you were made for the job.

Confusing the office for a nightclub
You might think the best thing in your wardrobe is that new sequined mini dress, but that doesn’t mean you should wear it to the office. Do not go for anything  too figure hugging or flesh revealing— keep it for Saturday night where it will be appreciated. 
Avoid overemphasizing what you’ve got going on. Professional attire can be sexy, but sexy doesn’t necessarily mean professional. Wearing a short skirt or low-cut blouse may be interpreted as using sex appeal to compensate for being no good at your job. Keep skirts within 2 to 3 inches of the knee.
As for shirts? Well, just do your best to cover up. This goes for the guys too — that patch of chest hair may be a testament to your raw virility, but keep it on the down-low during office hours.


Make-up overload
Looking your best at the office often requires make-up, but slathering it on isn’t going to win any points at work. Keep make-up fuss-free by sticking to neutral shades on the eyes and nude-based lipsticks, which require less maintenance than red shades.

Wrinkles,Stains and Tears
Looking after your appearance may not be explicitly stated in your job description, but it’s an expectation. Coffee spills and stockings run. It happens, it’s pardonable and you can blot the stain or change clothes, then get back to work without raising any eyebrows. But sweat stains? Week-old soup splatter? Wrinkles and missing buttons? Unforgivable! Our clothes keep us warm, make us look good and cover up our naughty bits in situations where our naughty bits need covering. They take care of us, so take care of them.

Fishnets and Bear Legs
Bare legs can be a hot-button issue. Some companies forbid them during any month (in the case of airlines ), while others allow them year-round, come rain or heat. However, as with anything when it comes to bare skin, it’s best to err on the side of caution and keep your legs discreetly covered. On the other side of the coin are the overtly sexy, garish and cutesy varieties of hosiery. Serious professionals steer clear of fishnets, distractingly bright colors and un-business like patterned tights.

Workout Wear
Even if your office environment is casual, there’s no excuse for wearing clothes that are worn-out or overly relaxed. Tracksuit pants are inappropriate for the office; as are thongs, board shorts and torn or frayed clothing. You have every right to wear a comfy outfit to work, but it becomes hard to take people seriously if they’re wearing something that they could also take a nap in.

Pairing brown with black
Brown shoes with a black suit is an old-school no-no. To avoid a wardrobe malfunction remember: brown shoes with a blue suit is fine, a blue suit with black shoes works well, but avoid pairing a black suit with brown shoes — it just looks all wrong.


  1. ahh ahh you put my kim & kourt as sloppy dressing? not fair oh

  2. I agree with most of these, but not all. I love mixing black and brown. I guess it all just depends on the shade.

  3. i think cleavage in the office is fine as long as its subtle. Dont go into work with your breasts hanging out but if you feel comfortable with a low cut top and a bit of your chest showing that's fair enough

  4. i think it's ok to show a bit of cleavage. You can show as much as the woman in the picture i do sometimes and there's no problem.

  5. What..? The Kardashians look fine here. Also, pulling off brown shoes with a black suit isn't hard.