Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 things that Kate Middleton will not do after she becomes a princess

With the royal wedding just hours away , i am sure that most ladies wished they were the ones in Kate Middleton's Reiss, Louboutins or Manolos,flaunting those gorgeous hair fascinators. Well 'Hate not' as Kate does have her own fair share off looses but not like most commons . Kate Middleton will not only lose the name, but will give up to have a public opinion about any area should be about.

To be part of the British royal family requires the Court to follow the label. Without it you can not, and Kate Middleton will definitely feel changes in her life, more so because it is the first member of the royal family that is not royalty.

Here are a few below.

1. Kate Middleton will no longer exist. The official title will be “HRH Princess William of Wales, and Kate will be Catherine.

2. Do not vote. Theoretically, members of the royal family were allowed to vote, but do not because that would be unconstitutional and would not meet the criterion of neutrality. This keeps the image of royalty, the identifice to every member of society.

3. She  will not run for any political office for the same reasons above.

4. She avoid as much as possible to be criticized by the public.

5. Will not play Monopoly. In 2008 Prince Andrew said that the game of Monopoly has been banned in the royal family, because “it gets too vicious.”

6. Will not and will not say anything controversial. That will not express any personal opinion, not miscalculation.

7.Will not eat shellfish because the royal family does not eat, a tradition which is the fear of poisoning.

8. She will not work.
Not a problem for Kate Middleton, which until 29 years had only a few temporary jobs.

9. There will be no remaining non-paper sign. As a potential future adviser to the King, Kate Middleton would be in the future to sign official documents, why should not allow his signature to be copied or forged.

10. She would not finish the meal. That is, if she eat more slowly than the Queen. The label requires that when the Queen stops eating to not eat anyone, even if she has a fork in hand.