Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tosin Doherty the creative designer behind the ORIKI label offers an insightful, exciting twist to the term fashion.
An upwardly mobile executive, ORIKI is modelled after her experiences and as such the Brand caters to the working woman who refuses to be inhibited by the wiles of fashion and glamour. With the UNBRIDLED collection, Tosin unearths a piece that strays from the path well trodden; an entire collection that reeks of functionality, one that speaks of simplicity being the new elegance.
The UNBRIDLED collection is a delightful cross between functionality and elegance as the timeless pieces are designed to suit the quintessential woman’s tastes and made to match a variety of usages and multi-purpose events. Whether it is a meeting with a business Client, a visit to the market or a moment of enraptured bliss with the spouse, the ORIKI woman is guaranteed a look that appeals to the fashionista within.
In the UNBRIDLED collection, Tosin Doherty expresses her artistic prowess with rich denim, Ankara and linen fabric with sprinkles of sparse embellishments which exudes the appropriate amount of glamour. The collection is created for the woman who wants to soar, for that special woman who refuses to be restricted by the fangs of glamour and this is why the collection is made to suit multiple desires.

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