Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Design Extrovert is a Luxury casual clothing lifestyle brand that blurs and pushes the boundary between Design and Fashion by using quirky and contradicting materials at the same time to create a timeless and unforgettable look.
The Design Extrovert look is 3 Dimensional, bold, futuristic, avant-garde, subtle and powerful at the same time. Never mass produced, never blending in; a riotous harmony of design, materials and quality.
Materials from the USA, made in Canada; ready for the world.
Using T shirts as a blackboard to create art, design and glorious bling, it requires taking a second, sometimes third look at the wearer of any of our designs.
You might not get it - but you won’t forget it.



ABOUT THE DESIGNER -Ayodeji Ajidagba

I started out by hand embellishing T shirts with oversized crystals, semi precious jewels and gems and then wearing them to underground parties and raves while living in Toronto Canada. Quickly, I had a loyal following and people started asking for customized and personalized T-shirts. Soon, demand became so great that what began as a small business five years ago has blossomed into a full fledged T shirt line with agency and sales representation in Canada, USA and the UK.

I am a different kind of designer - passionate about design, style and originality. What makes me different? OK, for starters, my clothing designs are handmade and I use unusual and stunning materials like crystals, rubberized embellishments, leatherette, aluminium and treated wood on T-shirts, Polo shirts and Vests. I hand embellish, attach and sew these remarkable and visually arresting 3D adornments to create wearable pieces of art.

Secondly, I limit each design to just a few pieces and sometimes there is just a one-off piece because my designs are never mass produced. I create a new design, put it up for sale and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Because of my background in interior design and luxury furnishings – facilitated by enrollment in Design Courses at the Centennial College, Toronto and then the prestigious Etobicoke College of Arts, I attend the various major international design shows for inspiration and insight into the design world as a whole. This enables me respond quickly to trends and work with new and interesting materials, fabrics and embellishments. My T shirts are not the “normal” run of the mill printed piece of clothing. That’s too easy.

Rather, I use material and embellishments that would not be out of place on a piece of hanging art.
Pushing the boundary of design has never been an option, it is the only way.

DESIGNER- Ayodeji Ajidagba

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